Introducing the Future of Decanting

Winebetter is the world's first smart wine decanter with built-in bluetooth stereo speakers. No longer do you need to prepare hours ahead of time to decant your wine with the traditional decanter. With Winebetter, 5 minutes alone in the smart wine decanting system oxygenates over 50% of the wine. Plus, Winebetter isn't just made for wine; It's perfect for decanting any liquor. Impress your family and friends with better tasting wine or liquor with the help of the Winebetter WB-168 system. 

Winebetter WB-168

Portable & Compact Design

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Built-In Bluetooth Stereo

Breakthrough Technology

"It's pretty shocking how in only 5 minutes time, you can taste a very obvious difference in your wine."

- Parker R. Los Angeles, CA

"Winebetter makes me feel less guilty about buying that cheap bottle of wine. I can't stop using mine!"

- Megan R. Seattle, WA

"..Great way to impress guests."

- Robby H. Laguna Beach, CA

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